116 Policemen found Corona positive in 24 hours, 25 Died so far –

Corona virus cases are increasing continuously in the country and Maharashtra is the most affected state by Corona in the country. Here, Maharashtra Police is also constantly coming under the grip of Corona, whereas in the last 24 hours, 116 new cases of corona virus have been reported among Maharashtra Police and in the last twenty four hours in Maharashtra Police, three policemen have also died due to Corona virus. With this, the total number of Corona cases among the Maharashtra Police has reached 2211 so far.

According to the data released by the state Health Ministry, so far 25 deaths have occurred in Maharashtra Police due to Corona virus, while 970 policemen have been cured by beating Corona so far. Let us tell you that there are reports of policemen, health workers, government officials being corona infected in different parts of the country, whereas Mumbai and Delhi Police are the worst sufferer of Corona.

Image Credit: India TV

If we talk about the whole of Maharashtra, the rate of corona virus cases in the state is increasing. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, a total of 59546 cases of corona virus have been reported so far in Maharashtra and a total of 1982 people have died in the state so far. At the same time, about 18 thousand people have been cured by beating the corona virus.

Whereas, the number of cases of corona virus in the entire country has crossed the figure of one lakh 65 thousand, while more than 4700 people have died in the country. The recovery rate of those recovering by beating the Corona virus in the country is more than 42 percent now.

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