21 Year Old Person Donated his Plasma after Defeating the Coronavirus –

21 year old man defeated the coronavirus has donated his plasma to the plasma bank of King George’s Medical University, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. In this way, the plasma of seven people has been gathered near the institute. Dr. Tulika Chandra, chairperson of KGMU’s Blood Transfusion Medicine Department, said on Saturday that “the man who had been cured of the coronavirus donated plasma on Friday night”, whereas his blood group was’ O positive ‘which is very rare.’

Image Credit: Rediff.com

He told that so far seven people who have been cured of Corona virus at KGMU have donated their plasma. These include a resident doctor Tausif Khan, a Canadian female doctor and five others, he informed that the plasma of all these will be kept in the plasma bank of the institute and it can be used anytime for one year.

Dr. Chandra said that “There are currently 17 infected recruits at KGMU including two women but none of these patients are in such a serious condition that they should be given plasma therapy.” That is why the KGMU administration has decided that in other districts or medical colleges, hospitals of the state, there is an infected patient, whose condition is very critical and can be treated with plasma therapy, then that patient will be brought to KGMU and he will be given plasma here, it should be noted that Plasma therapy at KGMU is currently being tried on corona patients.

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