3234 Patients of Coronavirus Recovered in last 24 hours –

In the last 24 hours, 3,234 patients of Corona virus have been cured, while a total of 48,534 patients across the country have recovered from this virus so far. This accounts for 41 percent of the total corona cases in the country, whereas this information has been provided by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, it was told by ICMR that more than one lakh corona tests are being conducted daily for the last four days.

Image Credit: The Financial Express

VP Paul, president of Empowered Group 1, said that the current active cases of corona virus are limited to a few states, districts or cities. Corona accounts for about 80 percent of the cases in five states, more than 60 per cent of Corona cases are in five cities while 90 per cent of Corona cases are confined to 10 states, he told that 70 percent cases of this virus are in 10 cities of the country.

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