39 New Cases of Coronavirus reported in China –

In China, 39 new cases of coronavirus infected have been reported from Wuhan, the first center of Covid-19, out of which 35 patients didn’t show any signs of infection. China is currently investigating 12 million people in Wuhan city to prevent the second wave of virus. China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Friday that 35 of the 39 cases of infection reported on Thursday did not show any symptoms.

China’s President Xi Jinping, Image Credit: CNBC

Two of the four other patients are locally transmitted cases from Jilin province where some new cases have recently reported. New cases have come when the week-long annual session of the National People’s Congress of China’s Parliament has also started on Thursday.

The Commission said that 365 non-symptomatic cases are still under medical supervision, including 26 from abroad. In Wuhan, 284 people with no symptoms are isolated, whereas the number of dead in China remains at 4,634 while the number of infected has increased to 82,971 of which 82 patients are undergoing treatment.

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