61,149 Patients of Coronavirus in the Country, 42,298 People Recovered with the Recovery Rate of around 40% –

The number of active patients of Corona virus across the country is 61,149 whereas 42,298 people have been recovered and discharged so far. The recovery rate of corona virus patients in the country is 39.62%. This information was given in a press conference organized by the Union Ministry of Health.

Image Credit: The Economic Times

Love Agarwal, joint secretary in the Ministry of Health, said that the death from corona in India is 0.2 persons per lakh persons, while in 9–10 countries affected by corona, 10 persons per lakh persons. He said, ‘It is quite satisfying that Corona positive 42,298 people have recovered properly and now the number of active cases is 61,149’.

Aggarwal pointed out that when the first lockdown started, the recovery rate was around 7.1%, during Lockdown 2 the recovery rate was 11.42%, then it rose to 26.59% and today the recovery rate is 39.62%.

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