Actor Shahbaz has given this answer on the allegation of Molestation

TV actor Shahbaz Khan has been accused of molesting a girl. In this case, a girl and her mother lodged an FIR against him on February 11 at the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai. Now Shahbaz has put his side in this case. He told an interview with a newspaper that he had been accused of wrongdoing.

Shahbaz told in the interview that he has a 17-year-old daughter. she has a problem with a girl named Hooda. Hooda feels that her boyfriend talks to Shahbaz’s daughter. Two days ago, Hooda came to Shahbaz’s house and started quarreling with his daughter. Wife interrupted. He did not complain thinking that Teenage is a quarrel of children.

The actor told that the next day when his daughter was going to school. It happened then and some of his friends together attacked his daughter. Grabbed her hair and gave it down. Beat her up After the attack, all the people fled from the scooter. When the daughter reached home and told the whole thing, he went with his wife to search for Hooda and his companions. He questioned a friend of Hooda about her. The same friend went with her mother on the 11th and got a case of Molestation lodged against Shahbaz.

The girl alleges that Shahbaz touched her in a wrong way. At the same time, Shahbaz says that he was very angry due to the assault on his daughter, but he has not done any misconduct with that girl.

Shahbaz Khan with family. (Photo Source-

Shahbaz said,

At that time I was definitely a little angry. But I did not do any wrongdoing with her. Nevertheless, the girl reached the police station with her mother and accused me of touching her incorrectly. That girl is lying. There is no such thing seen in the CCTV camera there.

They said that they have registered a case on the complaint of the girl, but the police is co-operating with them.

They said,

The police has not said about any kind of arrest. They are watching this matter closely. Believe me, I am being framed.

The police has refused to disclose anything on this matter. Shahbaz was last seen on screen in small-budget films ‘Issue 370 Jammu and Kashmir’ and ‘Keep Safe Distance’ in 2019.



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