Allegations of girl students, boys came to this college fest of DU, raised slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and sexually abused them

Gargi College of Delhi University. An annual fest was held here from 4 to 6 February. The first two days of the festival went well. But Singer Zubin Nautiyal was to come on 6 February. But on this day there was a ruckus in the college. Some of the boys entered the college by hanging the gate and barricades. It is alleged that he abused the girls. The video of this incident is also becoming viral on social media. Girls are sharing their experiences on social media. According to the post, the boys who entered the college were intoxicated and were shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. At present, the students are blaming the college administration and the student union for this incident. They are also demanding his resignation.

We talked to a college girl for information about this matter. she told on the condition of not disclosing her identity, “Student Union had organized this fest. Students could come from any college of Delhi University. The girls had to show the ID card for the entry and the boys had to have the entry pass. ”The student said that all was well for two days. Zubin Nautiyal was to come on the third day. But before that, the crowd in college increased a lot. Some boys broke into barricades and entered the college. So by closing the gate of some college. There was no one for checking at the gate so that they could be stopped. Now its video is also going viral, in which the boys are seen climbing inside the gate and going inside.

According to the post shared on social media, ‘Boys came in trucks, which entered the college. They harassed the girls, molested them’

According to Indian Express, College Principal Promila Kumar told that this event was for DU students, whether it is boy or girl. In terms of security, the commandos and bouncers were present on the campus. Also, the staff of the college was also on duty. According to them, there was a place for girls, if she was out of it, then it was her choice, her wish.

In a conversation with India Today, students said that when she went to the college authority to tell about the incident, she was told that if she does not feel safe, then she should not attend this fest.

The student has also created an Instagram page, in which all are sharing their experience. One has written that he was being asked to go to the ground, but there was no place there. Those who were at the Volunteer entry gate were also called inside. There was only one person at the gate to check the I-card. Suddenly a bunch of boys took entry. It was difficult to check his card. It was the last time to enter at half-past four. This incident happened during that time.

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Student’s Instagram page Speakup Gargi According to a post by, a Protest will be done on Monday 10 February at 10 am. This Protest will be peacefully outside the college administration’s office. According to the post, students have been appealed to become part of this Protest by buying their classes.


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