An Emotional Post Written by Sushant on his departure in Chichhore

Sushant Singh Rajput left this world at the age of 34. He chose the path of suicide to leave this life. No one is convinced that Sushant could have taken these steps. He also saved his on-screen child in his previous film ‘Chichhore’ after attempting suicide.


In the film, Sushant’s on-screen child was played by Mohammad Samad. Samad also does not believe in Sushant’s departure. He has written an emotional post on the actor’s suicide. Samad has written in his post- ‘How can an educated man do this? Hard to believe. I learned quite a bit from you. There was a lot to learn. Even now I am not able to believe. May God give you the highest position in heaven. May your soul rest in peace.’

Sushant Singh Rajput played a single father in Chichhore. For a person who was on a very big post, but could not give time to his child. The child fails the engineering entrance exam and jumps from the balcony under pressure. After this Sushant Singh tells him his story about how he still does everything despite failing in college.

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