An IS fidayeen who attacked Kabul gurdwara was of Kerala

25 people of the Sikh community were killed in a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 25 March. Three people were involved in the attack. One of the attackers was from India. The Islamic State (IS) recruited him from Kerala. According to the report of India today, this person was named ‘Abu Khalid al-Hindi’ from the IS.

Reportedly, his photo was published in IS’s propaganda magazine ‘Al Naba’ on 26 March. In it, he was sitting with an AK-56 rifle showing the victory sign. The top police intelligence source told India Today that the photo is of Mohammad Mohsin (age 21). It is believed that he was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan on 18 June last year. Mohsin was a resident of Kasargod district and was studying engineering.

All three terrorists killed

On March 25, at 7.45 am, IS militants opened fire on Har Rai Sahib Gurudwara and hurled grenades. The security forces of Afghanistan killed the three terrorists after a six-hour encounter and rescued 80 hostages. If Abu Khalid al-Hindi is really Mohsin, then it will be important because then it will be another suicide for IS. In August 2015, IS operative Abu Yusuf al-Hindi alias Shafi Armar was killed in a suicide attack in Raqqa.

Armar was a resident of Bhatkal in Uttar Kannada district and was previously a member of the Indian Mujahideen. He was the first person from India who was given the status of the global terrorist by the US. Mohsin had gone from Dubai to run an IS camp in Afghanistan, where he was a member of the telegram of Shazir Manglasseri, an engineer from Kozhikode. Mangalasseri was killed in a US drone attack in Afghanistan in June 2017.

Many people from Kerala joined the IS

In 2016, 98 people from Kerala, including family, went to Nangarhar in Afghanistan to join the Islamic State, which is called the ‘Khorasan Province’ of the IS. Of these, 30 went directly from Kerala and 70 people joined them from Gulf countries. Seven of these people have died in Airstrikes in Afghanistan in the last three years. Rashid Abdullah, who led a team of 21 people from Kerala, was killed in an airstrike in May 2018. The Islamic State spread over Nangarhar and Kunar provinces in 2014 and since 2016, around 250 Indians have joined it. 98 of these were from Kerala.


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