BCCI built such a stadium in 700 crores that even rain will not spoil the game!

US President Donald Trump is going to inaugurate the world’s largest cricket stadium along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On 24 February. This stadium is in Motera, Ahmedabad. Name is Sardar Patel Stadium. This ground has been completed on 63 acres at a cost of about 700 crores.

There were reports that Asia and World XI matches could also be played here after the inauguration. It has been learned that now the BCCI will review it, after that it will be decided. At the same time, it has also been learned about the IPL match that there was talk of making the IPL final on this ground first. But then the decision on this was deferred. Although there are also floodlights on this ground, no international match or day-night test is proposed on it yet.

On this special occasion, we had a special conversation with Vikrant Mishra, the planning engineer associated with the project of this stadium for the last three years and tried to know the specialty of the stadium. Let us now directly tell you one thing related to this stadium.

1. This stadium has been constructed at a cost of about 700 crores.

2. It took almost three years to prepare this entire project, its work started in January 2017 which is completed in February 2020.

Motera 2
Motera Cricket Stadium Ahmedabad.

3. The stadium has a capacity of 1 lakh 10 thousand spectators, which is more than the world’s largest stadium Melbourne Cricket Ground (1 lakh).

4. There are so many dressing rooms in this stadium that at one time four cricket teams can stay here.

5. There are a total of 11 pitches on this ground, which have been prepared with the help of red and black soil.

6. LED Flood Lights are being used in this stadium for the first time, which is different from pole-mounted floodlights. The height of the floodlights on this ground is 90 meters, which is equivalent to a 25-floor tall building.

7. A subsurface drainage system has been built below this ground. With the help of this, in the event of rain, the ground can be prepared again in 30 minutes.

8. A total of 76 corporate boxes have also been built inside this stadium, which is the highest in any stadium in India.

9. Apart from cricket, football, hockey, kho kho, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, netball, tennis, badminton can also be played on this ground.

10. In addition to the main ground in this stadium, there are two cricket grounds and a multi-sport ground for practice.

11. The physiotherapy system and hydrotherapy system have also been placed inside this stadium, which can provide treatment to injured players on the field itself.

Motera 3
There is a seating arrangement of about 1 lakh 10 thousand people in Sardar Patel Stadium.

12. This ground is designed in such a way that if anyone player plays the shot, then all the spectators on the field can watch it without any interruption.

13. 4000 cars and 20000 bikes can also be parked simultaneously in the parking of this stadium.

Sardar Patel Stadium is being told that it is equipped with absolutely modern facilities, fans are eagerly waiting for the first match on this ground.



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