Bhuvan Bam of BB ki vines donated a month’s earnings

YouTube Sensation Bhuvan Bam has come forward to help the government fight the Corona virus epidemic. And he is also the first star to come from his field. Bhuvan, however, did not post any social media about it. He did what was necessary. Donation to help the people fighting Corona. According to reports, Bhuvan is donating his month-long earnings coming from YouTube. For the entire month, in March, Bhuvan’s video view, the amount he will earn, he will deposit it in government funds.

According to a news report published in News18, Bhuvan said about this-

“Generally I do not like to talk about these things but our country needs it right now. In such a situation, we should do all the things that can help all the people. Contributing to PM Cares Fund, Chief Minister Relief Fund and Feeding India is my way of showing support. I am grateful to all those who are risking their lives for our country. In this way I want to return what the people of this country have given me.”

If you are interested in knowing how much money Bhuvan has paid, then this amount is being told around 10 lakh rupees. These figures are being quoted by media companies as their sources, Bhuvan did not say anything. The biggest thing is that he realized that the country is in need at the moment and should be helped. Donation is about emotion, not money. Enough is enough.

Bhuvan bomb in three main characters of Bibi's Vines videos - Sameer, Bhuvan and Banchoddas.
Bhuvan Bam in three main characters of Bibi’s Vines videos – Sameer, Bhuvan, and Banchoddas.

Bhuvan Bam is known for his YouTube channel Bibi Ki Vines. He creates videos with fun and uploads them on his channels, which the public sees with a hitch. He plays a total of 17 characters in these videos alone, including Titu Mama, Sameer, Banchoddas, Babluji, Janaki, Babli sir, Mr. Hola, and Bhuvan. Recently, Bhuvan was also associated with the World Economic Forum in Davos. He also went to Davos to cover that event. Sing songs Make own music videos. Last year, he has also appeared in Divya Dutta starrer short film ‘Plus Minus’.




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