Bumrah left behind by players who did not play in New Zealand series

After a bad ODI series against New Zealand, bad news has come for Jasprit Bumrah. Bumrah has dropped from the first position in ODI rankings. New Zealand fast bowler Trent Bolt has reached number one in the latest ODI rankings released by the ICC. While India’s pacer has come in second place. Bumrah played the series against New Zealand. At the same time, Bolt was not even in the New Zealand team in this series, yet he overtook Bumrah.

The Indian team had a clean sweep in the ODI series in New Zealand. Bumrah could not get a single wicket even after 30 overs bowling in three matches. He threw just one maiden in 30 overs and took 167 runs. Due to which his rating point fell by 45 points and he came in second place. The bolt currently has 727 rating points. While Bumrah has a total of 719 points.

In this list, Mujib ur Rehman of Afghanistan ranks third with a rating of 701.

The Indian team’s star bowler Jasprit Bumrah. Photo: AP

Jasprit Bumrah was out of the team due to a stress fracture after the World Cup 2019 semi-finals. During this, he had missed matches against South Africa, West Indies and Bangladesh on the home season.

On 7 January 2020, he returned from injury and played against Australia. But Bumrah has not been as effective since his return to the team. As much as they are supposed to. Bumrah still took wickets in the T20 series on the New Zealand tour. He took a total of 6 wickets in T20. But in the ODI series, he failed completely.

Bumrah is the leading fast bowler of the Indian team. Who has taken 104 wickets in ODIs, 59 in T20 and 62 wickets in Tests.



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