China Always Violates its Promises, Says US President Trump


The tension between the US and China is increasing day by day. The US State Department released a statement from President Donald Trump. In this, China has been accused of violating promises. The statement said – America always wants an open and better relationship with China. But China always violates promises. The statement said that the US would vigorously protect its national interests.

Recently, Trump announced several sanctions against China over the Coronavirus and Hong Kong case. China’s parliament has passed a resolution to implement national security legislation to suppress opponents in Hong Kong and prohibit demonstrations.

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Tension increases due to epidemic:

The tensions between the US and China are increasing over the epidemic. The US alleged that China was responsible for the epidemic. Trump says that China has not informed the world about Corona on time. Because of this, millions of people of the world lost their lives. Trump alleges that coronavirus was produced in China’s Wuhan Lab. China has been denying these allegations.

China ruined Hong Kong’s independence: Pompeo

A few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said – China’s Communist Party is still hiding information about the coronavirus spread from Wuhan. At the same time, China ruined the independence of the people of Hong Kong. These two things can be explained by what China thinks. China is trying to steal the intellectual property of others. China also wants to increase its strength in the South China Sea. These are works that will affect the whole world.

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