China’s Fighter Aircraft are Flying close to Ladakh, India is Keeping close Eye –

The tension between India and China since the beginning of May is not stopping, the ongoing dispute with Ladakh continues to increase and now it is reported that the Chinese Army is also flying its fighter aircraft near Eastern Ladakh, but from India, every move of China is being closely monitored. The Chinese Army PLA has an Air Force base near Hotan, Gargunsa, near Eastern Ladakh, where Chinese fighter planes are also stationed. Indian intelligence agencies are now completely eyeing this area with the help of surveillance.

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According to the sources Chinese Army has deployed around 10-12 J-7, J-17 fighter aircraft, which is about thirty km of the Indian border. Significantly, to deal with any Chinese move, India had sent army helicopters and combat aircraft to its airbase in Eastern Ladakh in early May, whereas there was a time when India and Chinese helicopters also came face to face.

Hotan Air Base, located across Eastern Ladakh, is in the eyes of India and it has been eyeing it for the last one year, because the Pakistan Army was also practicing here along with China. According to the source, last year when 6 Pakistanis came to J17 Skardu airfield, we kept a close watch. The border of Ladakh is also constantly being monitored by the Indian side and UAV is being used to see the antics of China, so that any move of China can be recognized in advance. Significantly, it has already been said on behalf of India that it does not want tension, in such a situation, both countries are engaged in resolving this dispute with the issue of negotiations.

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