Competition should be Equal, says Ishant Sharma on Ban on Use of Saliva

India’s senior fast bowler Ishant Sharma has said that players will have to take special precautions following the ban on using saliva on the ball. Ishant said that in the 5-day Test match, the fast bowlers shine the ball with saliva for swing. If we do not do this, then the ball will not swing and the batsman will get full advantage of it. He said that the competition should be equal.

Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of saliva to shine the ball during a match due to coronavirus. Each team will be warned twice in an innings. In the third time, 5 runs will be added to the account of the batting team as penalty.

If the ball does not shine, the ball will not swing:

Ishant said, “If we don’t shine the red ball (in a test match), it won’t swing. If the swing is not available, it will become much easier for the batsmen to play ball. I believe that the match should be equal, not the entire match in favor of the batsmen. “

ishant sharma
Image credit: Deccan Herald

Saliva is mostly used on new balls:

The fast bowler said, “We will need to be more careful for this (use of saliva), because we keep using saliva to brighten the ball in the match. Especially in Test matches, bowlers are used to it. “Ishant said that saliva is mostly used on the new ball, while sweat is used to reverse swing from the old ball.

Fast bowlers and spinners shine the ball for each other:

Indian Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal said, “Spinners use saliva too much to keep the ball shiny, because we know that the fast bowler from the other side after us will bowl. To help the fast bowler, I like to maintain the brightness of the ball. The same thing happens in the fast bowler’s mind. When they see that the spinner will be bowling from the other side, they also shine the ball a lot. “

Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma has taken 297 wickets in 97 Tests and 115 wickets in 80 ODIs. He has 8 wickets in 14 T20s. At the same time, Chahal has taken 91 wickets in 52 ODIs and 55 wickets in 42 T20 matches.

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