Congress should also take a Lesson on the Issue of Migrant Workers: Mayawati –

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) national president Mayawati has also targeted the Congress along with the Bharatiya Janata Party on the issue of migrant workers. Referring to the events in Punjab and Chandigarh, she advised the Congress to take a lesson. She said that it would have been better if the Congress leaders had arranged for some financial help or food etc. while meeting the migrant laborers in Delhi.

BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday tweeted a deep sympathy for the migrant workers. SHe wrote, ‘As it is known that even in BJP ruled states, due to frequent gross neglect of migrant laborers, etc., the families of many workers are going to suffer an accident the next day, there have been many painful deaths in these accidents, which is highly condemnable.

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Mayawati said that ‘Congress leaders should also learn a lesson from this because a lot of laborers of UP from Punjab and Chandigarh are returning home through Yamuna river due to the neglect and neglect of the government. An accident can happen to them anytime. In such a situation, instead of sending UP 1000 buses to the Congress party, it would be better to send them to Punjab and Chandigarh first so that they can reach the safe UP instead of risking their lives in the Yamuna river.

Mayawati also said that the Congress leaders would have got some relief if they had arranged for some financial help and food etc. for the migrant laborers while meeting the workers in Delhi. The Congress must share their sorrows and pains and help them.

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