Corona Virus: Japan’s Diamond Princess Ship has brought bad news for Indians

Cruise Ship Diamond Princess. Stands on the coast of Japan. Two of the Indian members of the crew present on it have been hit by the corona virus. Their samples have come up positive in the investigation. The Indian Embassy in Japan gave this information on 12 February. Japanese officials have confirmed that 174 people aboard the ship have been hit by the corona virus. There are 3,711 people on the cruise. The ship reached the coast of Japan early last week. Japan has stopped the ship on the coast after a ship landing in Hong Kong confirmed that the corona virus had been infected.

The embassy said in a statement, “On suspicion of Corona virus infection, Japanese authorities have set the ship apart for February 19, 2020. So far 174 people including two Indian members of the crew have been confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus.”

In the cases known so far, the most infected people outside China are in this ship. A member of the staff told that the army has been called to remove people from Diamond Princess and help in many things.

A few days ago news came. An Indian crew member Vinay Kumar sought help through Facebook. He told that all the work has to be done on the deck now. We are all now living here and there. In the kitchen, work and supplies have to be done.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had said in a tweet on 7 February that several Indian crew and passengers were on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess, isolated in Japan due to the corona virus. No corona virus has been found positive yet. We are keeping a close watch on the entire development. But now such news is coming that two Indians have been hit by the corona virus.

According to China’s National Health Commission, the death toll due to the corona virus in the Hubei province of China has risen to 1,113. Meanwhile, the total number of coronovirus cases in China has crossed 44,000.

Novel corona virus is spreading in different countries. The WHO has warned of its potential global threat. In addition, India’s first corona virus positive patient admitted to the isolation ward of Thrissur Medical College, Kerala, is recovering.


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