Decision to cut one day salary of doctors for donation in PM CARES!

Due to Corona virus, PM Narendra Modi appealed to the people for help. He asked to donate money to PM Care. After this many people came forward and donated money. Meanwhile, there is news that one day salary of doctors of Raipur AIIMS will be deducted for putting money in PM Cares.

Former IAS officer Kannan Gopinathan has tweeted a copy of the order to cut his salary. The date for the copy of the order is 30 March. It has been written that PM Modi has appealed for help to fight Corona. For this, one day salary of all people will be deducted. This will include basic salary and dearness allowance. There is a matter of deducting a day’s money from the salary of people who are on contract or on deputation.

It has also been written that those who do not want to help, tell the superintendent in writing. If you want, you can donate more money than one day’s salary. This order has been issued after the approval of AIIMS Raipur director.

Kannan Gopinathan wrote in the tweet-

The doctors’ salary will be deducted for the new trust created by the PM. The doctors who are risking their lives are fighting this battle. Really Narendra Modi? Do you stand with them like this? I want to write that you should be ashamed. But how many times should I write this thing in a day?

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