Delhi: 5-year-old girl raped at US Embassy campus, accused Embassy employee

Chanakyapuri area of ​​Delhi. There are embassies of many countries here. Belongs to America too. Big news related to this embassy has come out that a five-year-old girl has been raped there. The incident of rape is on 1st February. The girl is the daughter of the embassy’s housekeeping staff. The man accused of rape also works as a driver in the embassy. When the matter comes to light, the police have arrested him.

What is the whole matter?

According to TOI’s report, the girl’s family and the accused lived in the staff quarters built inside the US Embassy campus. Both had quarters around. At around 9.30 am on February 1, the girl was playing outside her house. The accused lured him to eat and brought him home, then raped her. Threatened the girl not to tell this matter to anyone.

The girl’s mother told that when she returned from work, she saw that her baby was in shock. The mother tried to talk to the girl. In a short conversation, the girl told her mother everything. Her mother was surprised to hear all this. She informed the senior officials of the embassy about the incident. Then they went to the Chanakyapuri police station on 2 February. Filed a complaint

United States Embassy
Photograph of the American Embassy. Photo Source – Local Guide Yogesh Pratap Singh.

The police recorded the statement of the girl’s mother, in which she told all the things. It was also told that the accused used to come to his house. The police team has arrested the accused driver. He is 25 years old. Also, his phone has also been confiscated. It is being checked that he did not record the video of the rape of the child anywhere.

The US embassy has also given a statement on this whole incident:

‘We are quite surprised by the alleged incident. As soon as we got information about the case, we immediately took action and told the police. Obviously, we are fully supporting them. ‘

The girl was admitted to the hospital for medical examination, where the doctors confirmed that she was having sexual assault. After the checkup, the girl was discharged. Police is investigating the case.


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