Delhi elections: Five Congress candidates who saved their bail

Delhi Assembly Election 2020. Once again AAP won, BJP got 8 seats, the same thing happened with Congress, which was in the last election, ie 0 seats. There are 61 candidates of the party, whose bail was forfeited. Only 5 candidates were able to save their bail.

How many seats did Congress contest?

The Congress contested with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). RJD had fielded candidates in four seats out of 70 – Burari, Kiradi, Uttam Nagar and Palam. The Congress fielded candidates for the remaining 66 seats. There are 61 candidates who have not even got 10% of the total votes cast on that seat. That is, his bail has also been confiscated.

What is a surety forfeiture?

The contesting candidate deposits some money with the Election Commission. In the Lok Sabha elections, the candidate has to deposit Rs 25,000, in the assembly elections, Rs 10,000. This is a surety amount. The condition is that if the candidate fails to get even 10% of the total votes cast on that seat, then that amount is forfeited.

Now the matter of five congressmen who save bail

#Gandhi Nagar Assembly Seat
Congress candidate Arvinder Singh Lovely
Total votes cast on the seat- 113935
who won- Anil Kumar Bajpai (BJP)

Anil Kumar got 48,824 votes i.e. 42.64% votes. The second number is Naveen Chaudhary of AAP. With 42,745 votes. Arvinder Singh Lovely got 21,913 votes i.e. 19.14% votes in this seat. The vote percentage is more than 10%, that is, Lovely managed to save the surety.

Arvinder Singh Lovely
Arvinder Singh Lovely of Congress. While campaigning. Photo – Facebook.

Who is lovely

He is a big leader of Delhi Congress. He has been the President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee. There were four assembly elections in Delhi between 1998 and 2013, four times Congress had fielded Lovely from Gandhi Nagar seat, winning four elections. In 2015, he did not contest. Congress launched in 2020, lost.

#Badli Assembly Seat
Congress candidate Devender Yadav
Total votes cast on the seat- 139638
Winners Azesh Yadav (AAP)

Azesh Yadav got 69357 votes i.e. 49.67 votes. BJP’s Vijay Kumar Bhagat got 40234 votes. Devender remained at number three. He got 27449 votes i.e. 19.66% votes. That is, managed to save the surety.

Devender yadav
Devender Yadav, Congress candidate. Succeeded in saving the surety. Photo – Facebook.

Who is Devender Yadav?

It is written in the bio of the Facebook page that the Secretary of the Indian National Congress is in charge of Rajasthan. Started a political career from NSUI. He also won the MCD elections twice in 2002 and 2007.

In 2008, Congress was given an assembly ticket from Badli. Live too. In 2013, Congress also won from this seat, this time also won. In 2015 too, the Congress had given the ticket from Badli, but was defeated by AAP’s Azesh Yadav. The same thing happened in 2020.

#Kasturba Nagar Assembly Seat
Congress candidate Abhishek Dutt
Total votes cast on the seat- 91710
Winners Madan Lal (AAP)

Madan Lal got 37,100 votes i.e. 40.45% votes. Ravinder Chaudhary of BJP was second. He received 33,935 votes. Congress’s Abhishek Dutt got 19,648 votes i.e. 21.42% percent of the votes. Got more than 10% of the votes, ie the surety survived.

Abhishek dutt
Abhishek Dutt, Congress candidate. While campaigning. Photo – Facebook.

Who is Abhishek Dutt?

Has been in Congress since the beginning. In 2012, Andrews contested from Ganj, also won. Andrews became a councilor of Ganj in 2017 too. This time Congress gave ticket for assembly elections. The first assembly election was. Unable to win, but managed to save the surety. Well, since 2013, Madan Lal of the AAP has been the MLA of Kasturba Nagar.

#Seelampur Assembly Seat
Congress candidate Chaudhary Matin Ahmed
Total votes cast on the seat- 129704
Winners Abdul Rahman (AAP)

Abdul got 72694 votes i.e. 56.05% votes. BJP’s Kaushal Kumar Mishra got 35774 votes. Matin Ahmed stood at the third position, 20247 votes i.e. 15.61% votes. Thankfully, the surety survived.

Chaudhary Mateen Ahmed
Congress candidate Matin Ahmed standing from Seelampur assembly seat. Photo – Facebook.

Who is Matin Ahmed?

There are big leaders of Congress in Delhi. In 1993, Matin contested from Seelampur seat for the first time on a Janata Dal ticket and won. He had contested as an independent from Seelampur in 1998 but also won this time. Then Matin joined the Congress. He contested from Seelampur in 2003, 2008, 2013, 2015 and 2020 on Congress ticket. Lost in 2015 and 2020, won the rest. That is, Matin Ahmed was the MLA from Seelampur seat from 1993 to 2013.

#Jangpura Assembly Seat
Congress candidate Tarvinder Singh Marwah
Total votes cast on the seat- 88703
who won- Praveen Kumar (AAP)

Praveen Kumar got 45133 votes i.e. 50.88% votes. BJP’s Impriet Singh Bakshi was second, with 29070 votes. Tarvinder Singh remained at number three. 13565 votes ie 15.29% votes. Guarantee survived.

Tarvinder Singh Marwah
The Congress had fielded Tarvinder from Jangpura. Photo – Facebook.

Who is Tarvinder Singh?

Among the big leaders of the Delhi Congress are. In 1998, 2003 and 2008, Congress had given the assembly ticket from Jangpura, won three times. In 2013 and 2015 also fought on Congress ticket, but was defeated. It was defeated this time as well, but the surety was not confiscated.


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