Did the Indian Kabaddi team go to Pakistan without asking the Government of India?

Players arriving in Pakistan to represent India are unable to understand anything. The game is kabaddi. World Kabaddi Championship 2020. It is being said that the Indian team did not get permission from the government to go to Pakistan. Now the Indian team is in a dilemma. Players are saying that this situation was not known, we have just come to play.

No one from the Ministry to the Sports Federation is with these players (Pic PTI)
No one from the Ministry to the Sports Federation is with these players (Pic PTI)

#What is happening?

The Sports Ministry and the National Federation have their own claims. They say that they did not allow any athlete to go to Pakistan. Whereas about 60 players from India reached Lahore through Wagah border on Saturday 8 February to take part in the championship. This championship is being organized in Pakistan for the first time. The team’s arrival to Pakistan was revealed when pictures and videos of the team reaching Lahore went viral on social media.

# Not approved

The Sports Ministry says that permission is mandatory for the representation of the country in any international competition. But the ministry has not allowed any athlete to go to Pakistan for the tournament. There is also a need for international tournaments from the Ministry of External Affairs including the Sports Ministry. It is being told that the team does not have the approval of the Ministry of External Affairs. In such a situation, how the team will play the tournament is a big question now. The tournament started on Monday 10 February at Punjab Football Stadium in Lahore. Some matches will also be played in Faisalabad.

# What does Kabaddi Federation say?

AKFI. Amature Kabaddi Federation of India has also said not to approve. Retired judge SP Garg, chairman of AKFI, also said that the national body has not approved any team. He said, ‘We have no information about any Kabaddi team going to Pakistan.’

Even now AKFI has spoken of taking legal action. It was told in media reports that AKFI has talked about the process of sanction while talking about legal proceedings. AKFI says that there is a process of participation in foreign competitions. Under this process, the National Federation informs the Sports Ministry. After this, information is given to the Ministry of External Affairs for political approval and the Ministry of Home Affairs for security clearance.

# And now Ministry of Sports

Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju has also cleared the Government of India. He says that the Indian government did not allow any player to go to Pakistan. The Government of India has the authority to issue visas and the Sports Ministry has no role in the visa process of this team. We will also talk to the Kabaddi Federation whether they had information about the team going to Pakistan or not.

#Welcome from Pakistan

The Sports Minister of Pakistan Punjab welcomed the team. Sports Minister Rai Timur Khan Bhatti welcomed the Indian contingent to the hotel in Lahore. Officials of the Pakistan Kabaddi Federation welcomed the Indian players by wearing a garland after reaching Pakistan from the Wagah border, after which they were taken to the Lahore Hotel in the security cordon.

Kabaddi World Cup has always been a big name (pic PTI)
Kabaddi World Cup has always been a big name (pic PTI)

# What is this championship?

The last six stages of the World Kabaddi Championship were held in India till now. India has won all six championships. India defeated Pakistan in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014. This time according to Pakistani organizers, teams from many countries are participating in this championship. These include teams from Australia, England, Germany, Iran, Azerbaijan, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Canada. The winning team will get one crore Pakistani rupees and the runner-up team will get prize money of 75 lakh Pakistani rupees.

#What is Pakistan’s side

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation general secretary Mohammad Sarwar has responded to the Pakistani media when the Indian team arrived without permission. They say that Pakistan cannot do anything in this. This is India’s own internal matter. They should let them sort it out. Our tournament is recognized by the International Kabaddi Federation. Therefore, India should not abstain from participating in it.


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