Durga Narayan Bhagwat: Marathi writer who turned down all the honors of the government

10 February 1910.

Place: Baroda

A girl was born to Narayan Bhagwat. This was his first daughter. They lovingly named her Durga. They did not know that Durga is going to create history in the future.

Influenced by Gandhiji’s ideas, Durga also participated in the freedom struggle. But she could not attend for long. She decided that she would continue her studies. she took admission in St. Xavier’s College. she did not stop wearing Khadi even while studying there. She went to Madhya Pradesh for her research. To study the life of tribes. Her health deteriorated there. There was a case of food poisoning. She remained in bed for six years. she had to leave her Ph.D.

Durga Bhagwat 1
Durga did not marry for a lifetime. (Pic: Wikimedia)

But even while lying in bed, she did not stop writing and reading. She kept watching the changing weather carefully. She kept on noting the changes in nature. Later, she wrote a book on it named Ritachakra. This is one of his most famous books. In this, information about all the seasons of India and their specialty is given. Especially the effect of different seasons on trees and flowers, it has been told in detail.

Durga also became the president of the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan held in 1975. She was the second woman to reach this post after Kusumavati Deshpande. At that time, she also opposed the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. Opposed the arrest of Jayaprakash Narayan. Because of this, jails were also sent. When Emergency ended in 1977, Durga started campaigning against the Congress. Durga was against that party. When the Bhartiya Janata Party government came, they offered Durga a government post. But she refused. Not only this, she did not take any grant or honor from any government throughout his life. Jnanpith even rejected the honor.

Durga Bhagwat 2
Durga is also called Saraswati of Marathi literature because some people wrote and read in many areas. He also used to know many languages, so get to read.Pic: Twitter)

Did not get married for a lifetime. Gautam Buddha, Adi considered Shankaracharya as his idol. Also wrote children’s literature. she wrote many articles about religions, her literature, and her traditions, whose collection Pice Printed by name. The way she read Mahabharata, she also wrote a book called Vyas Parva. she also read Buddhist literature related to religion. she also wrote many articles on cooking and handicraft. Durga passed away in 2002. The date was 7 May.

Her younger sister Kamla Sohoni was also extremely talented and hardworking. Her name is also credited for being the first female Ph.D. holder in the country.



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