Female anchor reading live news gets big news during show

Suppose you are a TV journalist and tell live news. Then, while telling the news, suddenly you get such news about yourself that makes the heart happy. How would you like it? Will not believe it Something similar happened with a woman journalist from Kerala. During the live bulletin, she received the news of a big honor. The incident happened with Srija Shyam, a journalist from the Motherland News of Kerala. She was reading the news on TV. Meanwhile, the news came that the Kerala government has announced a media award. And Shreeja Shyam has received the award for Best News Anchor.

While reading the news, she was shocked to see her name on the TV prompter. she slowed down the speed of reading the news. But Sreeja took over and fulfilled the duties. The video of this incident is making a splash on social media. It is seen that after telling the news, Sreeja’s face laughs. But she moves towards the next news in a professional manner.

she spoke to The News Minute about this incident. “I am happy that I was called a sensible news anchor while giving the award,”.Sreeja’s colleagues had not told her anything about the award earlier. They kept this news as a surprise.

Sreeja is on the post of Chief Sub Editor in Matrubhoomi Channel. She entered journalism in 2007. For the last six years, he has been in the motherland news. She is a very popular journalist in Kerala and has worked in three big channels.


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