Firing on AAP MLA on the day of victory in Delhi, party worker dies

The result of the Delhi Assembly elections came on 11 February. On this day, a victorious candidate of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) fired on Naresh Yadav. A party worker was killed in this attack.

Naresh Yadav, Aam Aadmi Party candidate won from the Mehrauli assembly seat in Delhi. After the results of the election, he went to the temple with his supporters. After coming out of the temple, he was returning home with his supporters. According to reports, Naresh was sitting in an open car with some of his supporters. Some of his supporters were also riding in two vehicles behind. His car stopped at a traffic signal. At the same time, the attackers in a car opened fire towards Naresh Yadav’s convoy. Naresh Yadav survived in this attack, but an AAP worker sitting in the car behind him died after being shot.

Another worker was also injured. Criminals fled from the scene after the attack.

‘Aam Aadmi Party’ What was told by
AAP gave information about this incident in a tweet late at 12.20 pm. According to the tweet-

While returning from the temple, AAP MLA Naresh Yadav and party workers were fired on. At least one worker has died after being shot. Another worker is injured.

It is further written in the tweet-

Party worker Ashok Mann died in the attack on AAP MLA Naresh Yadav. Today we have lost a member of our family. may his soul rest in peace.

What did the AAP MLA say?
Naresh Yadav told news agency ANI about this-

This is a very unfortunate incident. I do not know the reason behind this attack, but the attack happened suddenly. About four rounds were fired. The vehicle I was in was targeted only. I am sure that if the police investigates well, it will identify the attackers.

What is the police saying?
Police has filed a complaint in this case. The police found six to seven kiosks from the place of incident. According to the news agency ANI, a man has been arrested in this case. Police says that this is a case of personal enmity. The police do not see anything like electoral angle or political competition in this matter at the moment. Further investigation is going on.

Is this a case of a gang war?
According to ‘India Today’ news, police sources believe that two people involved in Naresh Yadav’s convoy were targeted. Police sources say that it could be a case of mutual encounter or personal rivalry between the two groups. According to some media reports, it is possible that the attacker has come to target Naresh Yadav. But they do not know in which car the king is sitting.

Police sources say that the party worker named Ashok Mann died, he himself was also involved in some criminal cases. It is being said that Ashok also fired on another group earlier. These people are believed to be the same who opened fire on Naresh Yadav’s convoy late on the night of 11 February.

Result of Mehrauli seat from where Naresh became MLA

Naresh Yadav has been elected MLA from the Mehrauli seat. Voting was held for the Delhi Assembly elections on 8 February. The results were announced after counting of votes on 11 February. Naresh Yadav won the Mehrauli seat by defeating BJP candidate Kusum Khatri by over 18,000 votes. AAP has got a total of 62 seats in the 70-seat Delhi Assembly. BJP has won the remaining eight seats. Not a single victory was won by Congress and others.

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