Ghana’s Health Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19

The President of Ghana announced that the country’s health minister has tested positive for coronavirus. Health Minister Waku Agyemang-Manu is hospitalized now. President Nana Akufo-Addo gave this information during a broadcast on Sunday night. The President said, “I wish our hardworking Health Minister to get well soon who has been suffering from infection during his duty.”

However, from Monday, it was announced to reopen the universities in the country so that final year students can give examinations. But the news of the health minister getting infected has worried the people of the country. In this sequence, Peter Owusu, the father of a student at Cape Coast University, said, “If the Health Minister is infected, what is the guarantee of my son’s safety?”

Image credit: Daily Graphic

At present, the total active cases of infection in the country are 7,652. Giving information about the steps taken by the administration to prevent this infection in the country, the President said that the condition of 13 people is serious while three are on ventilator. He further explained that it is necessary for people to follow health-related protocols only then the virus can be got rid of. He said that only in this way can he help his health workers. He urged the people of the country to keep their behavior normal towards those who have recovered from COVID-19. The President said, ‘Our security is in our own hands. If we are negligent then we will have to face the challenges of this deadly virus and if we are self-administered and alert, we will be able to beat this epidemic easily. ‘

Among African countries, Ghana is the country with the highest number of infections. Ghanaian footballer Randy Muller, who was stranded in India due to the lockdown, came to India to play for a club in Kerala. However, during this time the airport staff and others helped him.

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