Himachal was the First State to Conduct House to House Survey and took Important Decisions very Early –

The lockdown period on the Corona virus has been extended by two weeks across the country. The Union Home Ministry has issued an advisory about which services are to be exempted and what will be the strategy to give relief to the people, whereas state governments are also preparing at their level. On this subject, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur on Saturday, he told what measures he took to stop Corona.

Jairam Thakur said, ‘We are in a very good position in case of Corona. There were 40 positive cases in Himachal, but no case has come positive since 9 days. 5 out of 40 patients are in isolation, the rest have recovered. Only one patient has died who came from outside. Some other samples have also been taken. Let’s see what their report comes. I think there will not be a single corona positive in Himachal.

On the question of the number of corona patients in Himachal Pradesh being very low, Jairam Thakur said, ‘We did strictness in the state, we implemented curfew from the beginning and till date the curfew is applicable, whereas 16 thousand health workers were put in, every man was tested.

Jairam Thakur said, ‘Other states should also do this. We planned to go to each house. Area was given to health workers and survey was conducted from house to house. If anyone had the flu, then we took a sample and tested it. This is the reason that there are fewer patients in Himachal and they were investigated properly, which benefited. Himachal is a very small state, this gave us another benefit.

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