‘Indian Idol’ did a great job of collecting TRP

Singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’. The show’s 11th season is in its final stages. On February 20, the 11th Indian Idol will be found. But between October and February, the show saw more contraptions than singing. Now the matter of a TRP stunt related to the show has been revealed. Papa Udit Narayan, the singer of the show’s host Aditya Narayan has told about this. Udit said that he had talked about Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan’s wedding only to bring TRP on the show. Extent is mean.

Host and anchor wedding will bring great TRP

Aditya Narayan is the host of ‘Indian Idol’. Neha Kakkar is the judge of the show. In the episode of a few weeks ago, Udit Narayan reached the show with his wife Deepa Narayan. After this, Neha’s parents also came on the set. Udit Narayan said that he has come to confirm Aditya and Neha’s marriage. Both are married on 14 February. In talks, Aditya Narayan also said that he is preparing for marriage. The clothes are stitched, etc. Turmeric-Mehndi rituals were also talked about on the show itself. And all this was also telecast.

After this, the guest coming to the show gave wedding gifts to Neha. Some videos and pictures of Neha and Aditya vacationing in Goa also came out. After this, it was said that both are probably going to get married.

Kumar Shanu came on the show. Here he gifted Neha a red chunari.

Udit Narayan said in an interview with ‘Bollywood Hungama’.

Aditya is our only son. We are waiting for his marriage. If the marriage rumors were true, then my wife and I would be the happiest parents in the world. But Aditya has not told us anything like this yet. I think the linkup and wedding news are just rumors. It was asked to increase the TRP on ‘Indian Idol’. Neha is the judge and my son is the anchor in the show. I wish these rumors of marriage were true. Neha is a very good girl and she becomes our daughter-in-law, what can be better than this. When Aditya really marries, we will give this news to the world.

TRP Hunger

Well, the ‘Indian Idol’ show has done some TRP stunts in the past as well. During the audition of the show, a contestant forced Neha Kakkar into a hag and kiss. The show claimed that they had no hand in this development. And all of this happened suddenly. But audiences are not stupid. On social media, the makers of the show were very reprimanded by the people. People had asked that if it was not a planned stunt, why telecast it? Why not remove from editing?

Aditya Narayan was also on stage with Neha at the time of this incident. When asked in an interview, he flouted that saying that keeping or removing such sequence is a marketing call. They don’t know anything

This incident is being discussed above. The name of this contestant who used to force Neha is Jayesh Kumar.

Anu Malik dropped out of beach show

The most out-of-this-season singer-composer Anu Malik was due to ‘Indian Idol’. During #MeToo, Anu Malik was accused of sexual exploitation by several girls. These included singer Sona Mohapatra, Shweta Pandit, Neha Bhasin, Indian Idol producer Dennis D’Souza and Anu Malik’s 14-year-old daughter of Family Doctor.

When the show started in October, Anu Malik along with Neha Kakkar and Vishad Dudlani also appeared on the judge’s chair. Sona then questioned the channel, the makers and the rest of the judges. she had said that how can a person who is sexually abused by many women be selected in a show? she said that what message does it bring as a society to bring back the sexual abuser as a judge on national TV? Will Sony dare to do this in American Idol in America? She continued to tweet many times when Anu Malik was on the show. The makers of the final show showed Anu Malik the way out and on the third judge’s chair, singer, composer, actor Himesh Reshammiya was seen.

Finale has about 9 more days left. Let’s see where TRP’s hunger leads the show.


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