Indian Navy Saved Spicejet Flight From Major Accident

Indian navy prevented a major accident of Spicejet Flight SG 3568 on 17 December 2019. This flight was going from surat to goa.

Goa airport is part of the INS Hansa Naval airbase located at Vasco, 35 kilometers from Panaji. While approaching to Goa International Airport, the Runway Controller of Naval Air Station INS Hansa, Ramesh Tigga, Leading Airman (Air Handler) noticed that the nose landing gear was not deployed.

The Runway Controller immediately alerted the ATC tower where the Duty traffic Controller, Lieutenant Commander Harmeet Kaur informed the incoming aircraft to abort the landing and make a second attempt after a ‘go-around’. (Note:- If the pilot is not totally satisfied with the prerequisites of the safe landing then the “Go-around” process is done by the pilot for a safe landing.)

The second attempt also went unsuccessful, While in the third attempt the front landing gear was partially deployed.

The SpiceJet representative stated, “During the approach, when the arrival gear was chosen to the down position, the nose arrival gear entryway’s amber light stayed on.”

The flight landed safely at 08:05 hrs under the assistance of emergency and safety services to recover the aircraft. The alert action of Naval Air Traffic and Safety Services prevented the Spicejet flight and all its passengers from a major accident at Goa airfield.

People of flight thanked the Indian Navy for saving their life.

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