Is it dangerous to be pregnant after the age of 35?

Ashima had been married for 8 years. She had turned 34 years old. There was also a lot of pressure to become a mother. But Ashima had heard a lot about late pregnancy. She was afraid that if she becomes a mother now, there will be a lot of problems in pregnancy.

Not just Ashima. After reaching the age of 30, almost every woman who plans to have a child happens. So till what age is pregnancy considered safe? What is late pregnancy? And the biggest thing. What can be the problems with this? To know the answers to these questions, we spoke to Dr. Lavlina Nadir. He is a gynecologist at Fortis and Apollo Hospitals.

So the first question:

What is late pregnancy?

That is, is there really the right age to be a mother? Or is it the result of society?

On this, Doctor Lavlina Nadir says-

‘If a woman is pregnant for the first time after 35 years, that is, her first child after 35 years, then she is called’ Advanced Maternal Age ‘.’

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After all, till what age is pregnancy considered safe? What is late pregnancy?

So is it risky to be pregnant after 35 years?

On this, Doctor Nadir says-

‘Women give birth to healthy babies 30 and beyond. The only thing is that after ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ i.e. 35, there are some risks which increase. But this does not mean that you cannot become a mother after 35 years. Or your pregnancy will not be normal. This is not right.’

What are the risks of becoming pregnant after 35 years?

Fall in fertility

Fertility means the ability of a woman or man to become a mother or father. In women, their ovaries make eggs. When these eggs meet the sperm, there is pregnancy. But with increasing age, these eggs start becoming less. Also, their quality also decreases. Therefore, it becomes difficult to become pregnant.

The risk of miscarriage increases

The risk of miscarriage increases in late pregnancy. That is, the child is in the womb. In women aged 20 to 24 years, this risk is 8.9 percent. At the same time, this risk becomes 74.7 percent above 45 years. This is due to the declining quality of eggs.

Stillbirth is at risk

Stillbirth means the death of a child before or during delivery. Its risk is more in late pregnancy. That means after 35.

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The reason for stillbirth in late pregnancy is not clear.

Chances of having twins increase

Chances of having twins are more in late pregnancy. The reason? Due to hormonal changes with age, many eggs are released at the same time. This is more in case of pregnancy by IVF.

You may have diabetes

It is not common diabetes. This is called gestational diabetes. That is diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. If it is not controlled, there is a danger of the baby getting bigger in the womb.

High blood pressure

The risk of high blood pressure increases in late pregnancy.

other than this:

– Chances of normal delivery are reduced. Doctors mostly ask the operation to deliver the baby

– The risk of a premature child also increases

According to doctors, eat healthy food during pregnancy. Be active Keep visiting your doctor from time to time.



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