Kamal Haasan’s action film shooting accident, three people died on set

The crane crashed at EVP Film Studio in Chennai. Three people died in it. Kamal Haasan is the lead actor in the film which took place on the set. The film is ‘Indian-2’.

S Shankar is directing this film. The poster of this film was released some time ago. In the poster of this film, Kamal was seen in an elderly character. This film is a sequel to Kamal Haasan’s movie Indian in 1996. The film is being made under the banner of “Lyka”.

# What’s the matter?

Cranes used in film shooting are heavy. A part of it broke during the shooting and fell on the people shooting the film. Three people died in this. 10 people have also been injured in this accident. Kamal Haasan was present at the location when the accident took place.

Three people- Madhu, Chandran, and Krishna have died. Madhu was 29 years old. Chandran was 60 years old. Assistant director Krishna has also died in this accident. Krishna was only 34 years old. When this incident happened, the shooting of the film Indian 2 was going on at the EVP estate spot. The accident took place on February 19 at around 9.30 pm.

Kamal Haasan tweeted giving information about this accident. Kamal Haasan said while writing ‘Till now I have gone through many accidents but this incident is the scariest today. I have lost three of my colleagues. Their family’s grief matters more than my pain. I am part of the family of my colleagues and will always be. ‘

Kamal Haasan also tweeted about the injured. Kamal wrote in it ‘I have spoken to the doctors for those who were injured. There will be no deficiency in their treatment. One should pray for the health of the injured.

Indian 2 film producer Lyca Productions also informed about the accident by tweeting.

Such incidents have also happened in EVP Film City, Chennai before. An accident occurred with a lightman on the set of the film ‘Biggill’. However, no one was killed.

# Kamal Haasan’s last film?

It is also being said that this film may be Kamal Haasan’s last film. In an interview, he told that he is quitting acting. They are doing this due to politics. They cannot do both works together and now want to focus only on politics. So they took such a decision. Therefore, this is his last film, there are full chances of this.


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