Katrina Kaif is sweeping the house and fans are getting crazy after watching these videos

Katrina Kaif has handled the dishes. Now she has started cleaning the house. A video of her is becoming viral on social media, in which she is seen sweeping the house. In the Corona Lockdown, celebrities are sharing videos of household chores, exercises, and handwashing for the timepass. Public sitting in boredom is also watching these videos a lot.


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In the video, Katrina is sweeping the room saying,

‘We are all doing our part’

Then while planting the broom, Katrina also makes the broom a cricket bat and starts hitting the shot.

Zoya Akhtar called home

Many celebrities have commented on this video. Director Zoya Akhtar has written,

Can you come clean my cupboard after the lockdown is over. ‘

Actor Arjun Kapoor commented and wrote, Came Kantaben 2.0 ′. This video of Katrina has been viewed by more than 35 lakh times so far. More than six thousand comments have also come.

Katrina is doing household chores

A few days ago, Katrina had put a video washing the dishes on Instagram. In it, she is saying that this is her tutorial on washing dishes. She says

‘Ever since meds and self-isolates have taken place, I and Isabel have decided to wash them. I thought I would do a professional washing tutorial. ‘

Arjun Kapoor trolled

Katrina also told in the video how to prevent water wastage during washing dishes. In the previous video too, Arjun Kapoor also trolled Katrina a bit. He described Katrina as ‘Kantaben 2.O’ and wrote-

‘welcome to my home.’

A video of Karthik Aryan also came. In which he was washing dishes. Amongst the rest of the lockdown, stars like Sara Ali Khan, Rajkumar Rao, Siddharth Malhotra, Ananya Pandey, Malaika Arora are entertaining their fans by putting videos of cooking, cleaning, etc.


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