Movies shot in Goa have suffered a big loss due to ‘Malang’!

Malang. Released on February 07, 2020.

The stereotype of Goa. On hearing the name of Goa, white lines begin to be drawn in our mind. There is not just cannabis, drugs and sex. Common people also live, which we have never seen in films.

Perhaps the same thing would have happened to the Chief Minister of Goa as well. We are saying so, because of his statement.

# What did the CM of Goa say-

Goa CM Pramod Sawant has said-

The law and order of our state is very good. Why should the film makers focus only on the fact that Goa is a place for drugs and other intoxicants? Before giving permission to make a film in Goa, we will now at least see the theme of the film. So that we know what these people are going to show about Goa in their film.

After the ‘Malang’ movie, the Entertainment Society of Goa will check the story of the movie before allowing shooting in Goa. The shoot will not be allowed to those filmmakers whose stories are tarnishing the image of the state. We will give permission only after getting permission from Entertainment Society.

‘We’ means the Government of Goa.

# Such image has been shown many times of Goa-

There are drugs in the name of ‘Dum Maro Dum’. Goa was the backdrop of its story. In the same way, the theme of the 2018 web series ‘Smoke’ was the drug mafia of Goa. That is, there are many contents that have drugs in their name and the movie has been shot in Goa. Also, the opposite is also seen. Meaning movies like ‘Go Goa Gone’. Whose name is Goa and drugs in the script is the main issue.

These are the movies or web series in which both Goa and drugs were part of the main plot. But there are many more films, many more film scenes, in which Goa is shown as ‘drugs haven’.

But Pramod Sawant’s statement becomes a bit exaggerated that the focus of the filmmakers is only on showing Goa a drugs haven. Because from crime thrillers like ‘Drishyam’ to child films like ‘Bhootnath’ and philosophical movies like ‘Dear Zindagi’ to classics like ‘Bombay to Goa’, Goa has a great look and the best cinematography there.

Also, not only Goa, from Himachal to Mumbai, Punjab, there has been a stereotype about drugs. Listen to this song-

[Although Goa has been shown in this song. 😉 ]

It is also true about the #stereotype that, if the smoke rises, there will be a fire-

See, every conscious person should have problems with a stereotype. But it is also that when something, person, concept or place is stereotyped, then they also have such a history. Otherwise, for the first time, Goa would have been relegated to ‘Drugs’, Mumbai to ‘Slum’ and Delhi to ‘Politics’, only then would the viewers deny it. And stereotypes are not formed. And this ‘stereotype’ would not have become a shortcut for filmmakers. There will be more things in Goa, but what is the most prominent?

If you go to Agra, you will also see Agra Fort. But you will not go to see Agra Fort and go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

And see also that when the group of friends makes a plan to go to Goa, then what is at the top of its wish list is not hidden. It means to say that there will be some such thing in Goa that it is shown as a drugs haven. So the CM should also thoroughly examine the law and order of the state, which he is calling chalk-chaube, before banning the shooting of films.

# How different this issue is from ‘Udta Punjab’

Punjab government was greatly troubled by 'Udta Punjab'.
Punjab Government was greatly troubled by ‘Udta Punjab’.

Drugs were also shown in Udta Punjab and it was shown by linking it to Punjab. The filmmakers had lost their sweat in releasing that film. But the final message in that film was that drugs are bad. Whereas here, the acceptance of drugs in Malang seems to be increased. That means, if you want to enjoy life with ‘Malang’ then take drugs, the type message goes.

So it is bound to be a problem with the movie ‘Malang’,

# Our Take-

Is simple. If producers want, without shooting in Goa, films can spoil the image of Goa. Locations like fictional sets from Mauritius can also be served to the audience as Goa. Watch this super hit song, which was to be shot first in my city Nainital –

So banning something, censoring something is only a temporary and superficial solution. A permanent solution is to eliminate the problem from the root. That is, even if drugs haven can not be made a drugs hell, some such rules can be made even if the synonyms of Anda Goa do not become drugs. At the same time, the emphasis should not only be to make laws but also to implement them properly.

But despite all this, movies like ‘Malang’ and its content cannot be justified from anywhere.


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