No Place for Friendship in this Series, Kemar Roach Warns Jofra Archer

West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach and Caribbean fast bowler Jofra Archer of Caribbean origin are close friends, but before the Test series between England and West Indies, Kemar Roach warns Archer that a win is necessary for them in this series, not friendship. Roach has said that his team’s focus is on winning against England. There is no place for friendship in this series.

ESPN Cricinfo quoted Kemar Roach as saying, “Jofra has made his decision and I think he’s done a fantastic job so far in his career but obviously there’s no friendships and stuff in this series. It’s all about winning and playing hard cricket so when we come up against Jofra I think we’ll devise a fantastic plan to counter him. I’m looking forward to that battle and we as a team are doing the same.”

Image credit: En24 News

The West Indies are set to play the first match against England in the three-match Test series starting on 8 July. However, due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, the matches will be played behind closed doors, in an empty stadium. Also, bowlers will not be allowed to shine the ball with saliva for the same reason. Considering the same, Kemar Roach admitted that the ban using saliva will going to be difficult for the bowlers.

Roach has said, “The atmosphere here is very cold, so you don’t sweat so much that you can use more sweat. There are so many ways to shine the ball. No one is allowed to use saliva so it’s very hard.” , But we are coming up with some ways that we can get a good shine on the ball. It takes a lot of practice, but we will keep working on it and then we will see what is the best way to move forward. “

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