Now Passengers from Germany Arrived in China by First Chartered Plane, Panic among 200 Passengers –

The first chartered flight (LH342) from China to Germany found a passenger to be Corona positive. Although this passenger did not show any symptoms of coronavirus, but during investigation he was found positive. There were a total of 200 passengers on this flight. After one passenger was found to be Corona positive all the other passengers were in panic. The chartered aircraft landed at the Tianjin Airport in North China on Sunday.

According to the Global Times report, after getting control of the coronavirus, now China is working to start its economy at full speed, international flights have also been started moving in the same direction. Now the number of people going to China is increasing. Although people are being allowed to go to flights and other places only after all kinds of investigations, all kinds of apps are also being used. Cases have been reduced in China now, but still Corona positive cases are sometimes encountered.

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According to information released by the Tianjin Health Authority on Sunday, the asymptomatic infected passenger is a 34-year-old male engineer from Blaustein, Germany. He flew LH 342 from Frankfurt and arrived in Tianjin on Sunday afternoon. After testing positive for coronavirus, he was transferred to a local hospital for medical examination.

The LH342 aircraft was the first chartered flight to bring German managers, workers and family members back to China. The flight was jointly organized by the German Chamber of Commerce, German diplomatic missions in China, and Lufthansa. A passenger traveling in the flight tweeted that they need to be separated for two weeks.

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