Only words like ‘toilet’, ’employment’ disappeared from the AAP manifesto!

Delhi’s election campaign is over. Voting is on 8 February. The results will come on 11. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) kept the focus on its claims of five years of functioning during the election campaign. School, education, electricity, and water were important issues. On Tuesday, February 4, the AAP released its manifesto. Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal had issued a ‘Guarantee Card’.

India today Key Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) has compared the AAP’s 2020 manifesto and the 2015 manifesto. A glimpse of how much work has been done has also been given.

What came out of it?

– The 2015 manifesto contained 70 promises. This time there are 28 promises.

This time, in addition to the promises, the words have also decreased. The last time the manifesto contained 5,300 words. This time there are 1500 words.

– The words like a village, toilet, slum, employment, housing, income, corruption, connectivity are missing in the manifesto, which were in the last time.

– AAP had promised to build 2 lakh toilets, but according to the AAP government, by 2018 only 22,000 toilets were built.

– ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign funds were also not used to build toilets.

In 2015, the party promised to create 8 lakh jobs, but there was no such big recruitment, which could increase the level of employment in Delhi.

According to an RTI of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee in 2018, the AAP government barely gave 214 jobs in the first three years.

– AAP also promised that slum dwellers will be resettled. But about 65,000 slum families were given certificates in December last year (2018), whose construction will take time.

– There was also a promise of water in Delhi’s slum, but till 2019, piped water remained a dream for many families of slums and unauthorized colonies.



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