Overall Situation on the Indo-China Border is Stable and Under-Control: China’s Foreign Ministry –

On Monday, China said that overall the situation on the Indo-China border is stable and under control. At the same time, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a statement, “China is ready for talks to resolve the dispute between the two countries. China has been implementing the agreements between the two countries on the border. We are committed to maintaining our national sovereignty, security as well as stability at the border.” Let us tell you that the Army of both countries are deployed face to face on the Line of Actual Control, LAC.

Image credit: The Hindu

While Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on the issue of border dispute, “The country will not allow its sovereignty to be damaged.” Thousands of soldiers of India and China are deployed face to face in Ladakh. Many experts from around the world have warned Chinese President Xi Jinping not to interfere with nationalism and collusion in order to prevent the grimness of the epidemic. At the same time it also said that due to increasing tension with India, China will face the disadvantage. In the year 2017, the army of India and China remained stationed in Doklam for 73 days. China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of southern Tibet.

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