Paras Chhabra Talks more to Mahira’s Mother than Mahira Sharma –

Bigg Boss 13 has been a big hit. Many people received a lot of love this season. Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra are one of those people. There is a lot of discussion about the friendship between Mahira and Paras. Both became good friends in the show. Mahira’s mother took a class of Paras during the family episode in the show. After which everyone seemed to think that Mahira’s mother does not like Paras. But now it has turned opposite after the show. Mahira Sharma told in an interview that her mother talks to Paras a lot.

In an interview, Mahira talked about Paras and her mother’s equation. She said- Mother loves Paras very much, she likes him very much. Both of them get along as well. I don’t call Paras that much but my mother keeps chatting with him. You know this happened, that happened and tell me what is going on.

Mahira Sharma is at home with her family due to the lockdown. She said- I stay connected with Paras through video calls and online games. We keep making video calls to each other and have a lot of fun as well as playing Ludo online.

In the interview, when Mahira was asked about linking her name with Paras, she said – People used to talk before and even now. Whether they say good or bad it does not matter to both of us.

Let us tell you that after Bigg Boss 13, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra’s music video was seen. The name of the song was ‘Baarish’.

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