People From Other States Cannot Stay here for More than 7 Days


On Monday the Kerala government has issued new guidelines for people coming to the state. These guidelines are for those who are coming to Kerala from other states for work related to business, official, treatment, court cases, property maintenance, and education.

According to the new guidelines, now a person coming to the state for these purposes will not be allowed to stay for more than 7 days. They will have to leave Kerala on the 8th day and for entry into Kerala, such people will have to register on the portal of the Government of Kerala and get an entry pass from there.

Image Credit: Sakal Times

To get a pass, a person has to provide information about the purpose of coming to Kerala, place of stay, local contact number. Based on this, the district collector will issue the pass. A person coming to Kerala will have to go directly to his hotel or residence from the railway station or airport and they will not be allowed to stay in the middle.

Image Credit: India TV

The state government has taken several measures to ensure that the person coming from outside does not become a cause of corona infection spread. Such a person will not be allowed to meet anyone other than the person registered in the registration paper. Apart from this, such a person will not be allowed to go to the hospital unnecessarily, nor will this person be able to go to a public place.

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