PM Narendra Modi arrives West Bengal, will do Aerial Survey of the areas affected by the Storm –

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached West Bengal and will conduct an aerial survey of the areas affected by the Amphan storm. During this period, along with PM Modi, the Chief Minister of the state Mamta Banerjee will also be present, besides this PM Modi is also scheduled to visit Odisha today. The Prime Minister will also hold one to one meetings with the Chief Ministers of both the states. PM Modi himself was watching the Amphan affected states, PM Modi tweeted, “I am looking at the pictures of the devastation in West Bengal due to the Amphan. It is a very difficult time, the whole country is standing with West Bengal at this time, we wish for the betterment of the people of the state for that. Efforts are being made to normalize the situation. “

Image Credit: Daily Hunt

West Bengal, which is facing Amphan, has never seen such a storm before. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had appealed to the Prime Minister to visit the cyclone affected areas. The storm has killed 80 people in the state, whereas not only West Bengal, Odisha’s condition is also disturbed, here too, trees have fallen on the roads. Life has come to halt in Balasore, electric poles have been uprooted in Kendrapada due to high speed winds, whereas now the danger is being avoided by cutting the electric wires.

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