Priyanka Chopra reached the biggest music award and kept her public throbbing


On January 26, when we were hoisting our flag, the world’s most prestigious music award was being distributed in America. Grammy awards The same, Rahman has won for ‘Jai Ho’ and Honey Singh talks about winning in his songs. There was no music related to India here. But Priyanka Chopra was. Priyanka herself also sings but this time she came to participate in this ceremony with her musician husband Nick Jonas. Singer Billy Elish was in the limelight at the Grammys. The girl won 5 Grammy Awards in one go, including awards such as Best Song and Best Album. But there was no meaning to Billy. Because his public was engaged in trolling Priyanka Chopra on social media and feeding knowledge. Now Priyanka Chopra responded by getting freed from the function, etc.

Why did Priyanka become a troll?

By the way, no reason is needed to troll. Priyanka was not even in the Chopra case. People were sitting empty, thought it was better to do nothing, let someone troll. I picked up the phone. Priyanka Chopra’s photo was seen. In the look in which she was going to attend the Grammy. Now Public found Priyanka’s dress very bold and revealing. The ugly meats started being built. Because her navel was seen in this white-colored gown. Look at Irony, one of her actresses is attending the Grammy and people are seeing her navel instead of her achievement.

On seeing this photo of Priyanka, people are shocked. We did not post separate comments, we have installed the insta post itself. Go to the bottom of this post and just read the comments.

What did Priyanka answer?

Now no one will answer this. The maximum that can be said is that God gives you wisdom. But Priyanka is a public figure. It is not aloud to say them all. Priyanka posted an Instagram after all these pranks. In it, she writes-

“I wonder what the crazy start of the year has been.” And we are still in January. Love the one you love. Live like you want to live In the midst of all the problems of the world, maintain compassion towards yourself and the people around you. I am grateful for the love and kindness that I have received. Keep loving those you have. Because it matters. life is a gift.”

That means it seemed a bit cool in English. But the meaning is understandable in Hindi. And what Priyanka is saying is important to understand. It is also important to understand what she is not saying. What will we do with so much negativity? As much as you are paying attention to others, see yourself as equally critical, then some talk should be made. Still do not understand, so do troll. Priyanka is doing her work We also. Time and mind are spoiling you.




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