Protests in Brazil against Govt’s Response to COVID-19 Outbreak


The ongoing protest against President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil continued in the midst of the Corona crisis. Brazil is the second country in the world to be most affected by corona, so far, 867624 people have been confirmed corona infection out of which 43332 patients have died. According to reports, most states and municipalities are focusing on removing the restrictions and reopening the country. Protesters here marched in Sao Paulo against the president’s genocidal policies and his authoritarian rhetoric during the health crisis, including social, anti-fascism and anti-racist movements.

President blamed others for the condition of the country:

President Jair Bolsonaro, some time ago, blamed the mayor, governor, health minister and media for this condition of the country, not taking responsibility himself. He tried to defend his idea that shutting down the economy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus would have done more harm to the country.

brazil president
Image credit: The Financial Times

More than 78 lakh cases of corona worldwide:

Significantly, the outbreak of corona is increasing worldwide, although in some countries the number of patients recovering is also very high. According to Johns Hopkins University, so far 7893700 cases of corona have been reported in the world, out of which 432922 people have died due to the epidemic. Apart from this, 376686 people have also fully recovered.

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