Saw the trailer of Taapsee’s movie ‘Thappad’? Now also know about domestic violence


‘Yes, just a slap. But can’t kill

This dialogue is from Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming film ‘Thappad’. Its trailer is released on 31 January. The story has also been guessed from the film’s trailer. Taapsee’s character and her husband are at a party. Her husband is having a fight with someone. Tapasi interrupts. Meanwhile, the husband slaps her.

Taapsee does not accept this violence. She wants to be separated from her husband. But the rest of the film’s actors do not understand why she is leaving her husband because of ‘just a slap’. And this is the real plot of the film.

Only a slap was killed. And this is not just in this story. Happens to millions of women worldwide. If the husband killed, what a big deal. Love too. After all, can’t you raise your hands on the one you love, rightfully in anger?

The director of Shaheed Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh defended his film by saying the same. One interview said,

‘When you are in love. Very much attached to a man or woman. If you can’t raise your hand, I don’t see anything in that relationship. ‘

Image result for kabir singh preeti slap scene
In this scene, Kabir gives a loud slap to Preeti.

Sandeep was strongly opposed to this matter.

Slapping is called domestic violence. And this is a crime. The most worrying thing is that most women do not even know what action to take against exploitation. In fact, many women do not even know what are the activities that come under domestic violence.

So, let’s understand what is domestic violence and what steps can be taken legally against it.

What and how many types of domestic violence are there?

There are four types of domestic violence under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2005 (Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2005).

I. Physical Violence- If there is a threat to any kind of physical discomfort, pain or life, then this physical violence happened. Intimidation and intimidation are also a part of it.

II. Sexual violence- Sexual violence is that in which any woman’s self-esteem is hurt, disrespected or attacked by her private parts.

III. emotional abuse- Emotional abuse is such as abusing, mocking or tightening up when a girl is born. Or to do any such thing which bothers someone mentally.

IV. Financial abuse Financial abuse is when a woman is not given money for daily expenses, nor is she given anything for the upbringing of children. Things that someone has the right to be taken from him. If the woman does not do a job, is dependent on her husband for money and that husband should stop giving her money, which is causing hardship to the woman, this is also violence.

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There are thousands of women in our country who are victims of domestic violence every day.

It is not necessary that domestic violence is done only by the husband of the woman. His family and relatives can also commit domestic violence.

Under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2005, there is a provision of providing financial and medical assistance to women who have been victims of exploitation. Under this law, if the victim woman wants to stay in the same house even after complaining, then she can stay, she cannot be removed from any house. If the victim does not have a place to live, then that too is the law to provide. If the victim of exploitation is in danger of her life, then she can also demand police protection.

It is generally believed that if a woman’s husband beats her, one should immediately go to the police. Actually things are a bit different in the case of domestic violence.

1. The woman will have to hire a lawyer, who will take the case to the magistrate.

2. Help can also be sought from the Women’s Helpline.

3. If the victim cannot advocate, she will have to seek the assistance of the Protection Officer of her area. The government has appointed a Protection Officer in every field. Information about who is the Protection Officer of an area can be obtained from the police.

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There are four types of domestic violence under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2005.

4. This Protection Officer files a complaint of the victim. He prepares the file for domestic violence and the demands of the woman. The same file is sent to the police station and the magistrate.

5. On receipt of the file, the magistrate, in his discretion, orders the service provider to provide accommodation for the complaining woman and to provide financial assistance to the woman during legal action. The service provider can be an NGO in the area.

6. After the complaint is filed, the woman’s husband and her family are ordered to appear in court. The woman who complains during this muscle also has to be present.

7. Whether or not there will be a case after filing a complaint, it depends on the case. If the case is true, then the action is taken against the husband and his family members.

8. The woman is called to court to record her statement.

9. The husband and his family of the woman complaining are not immediately jailed, only after the case is proved, any action is taken.

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The woman will have to hire a lawyer, who will take the case to the magistrate.

If they have children, what will happen to them?

If the woman who is a victim of exploitation has children, then she can take custody of her children. For this, an application has to be made in the court. If permission is granted, then the woman has to decide whether she wants to allow the children to meet her husband. Even if the woman taking custody of the children does not earn, she need not worry because the court will order her husband to pay every month for the upbringing and expenses of the children. If the husband does not pay even on the order of the court, then he will have to pay a fine.




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