Shaheen Bagh sings ‘Kab aaoge’ with a gift for PM Modi

Shaheen Bagh. Protests over the revised Citizenship Act (CAA) have been taking place here for almost two months. On February 13, a different color was seen here. People showing the effect of Valentine’s Day also showed. People requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come in an interesting way. The people of Shaheen Bagh sang-

Winter has come and gone
Summer is not far away.
When will you come Modi?
Is the slogan of women.
India is ours.
Remove this black law

These lines are being sung repeatedly on the mic. Also kept a big teddy bear as a surprise gift. And it was said ‘Modi come here. Collect your gift and accept it. ”Social media was also used. #TumKabAaoge tweeted on Twitter with the hashtag.

An organization called Yuva Group took this initiative. Karisma, a member of the group, talked to Aaj Tak reporter Ramkinkar Singh. He said that this gift will be given to the Prime Minister. They should come here and talk to us.

Such flex banners have been installed in PM Modi's Manuhar in Shaheen Bagh. (Twitter)
Such flex banners have been installed in PM Modi’s Manuhar in Shaheen Bagh. (Twitter)

On February 14, the anniversary of the Pulwama attack is also there. The people of Shaheen Bagh have also decided to pay tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama. The families of the martyrs of Pulwama have been called Shaheen Bagh.

Let us know that there has been a protest against the CAA in Shaheen Bagh for two months. This matter of continuous performance has reached the Supreme Court. On February 10, the court said that it is your right to perform but no public road can be closed for eternity. However, the court has refused to order the removal of the protesters directly.


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