Tell us what is written on these 2 pictures and know whether you are ‘color blind’

The central government is preparing to bring changes in the Motor Vehicle Act once again. A proposal is being prepared. To issue a driving license to color blind people. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has said that a proposal is being prepared for the color blind people to get a driving license. In such a situation it is very important to know that after all Color blindness What is it? How does it happen? Is there a cure for it?

What did the ministry say?

Priyank Bharti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways told that the proposal will be put forward as the next amendment of the Act. It was also informed that those people who are partially victims of this proposal will be included. Those who are completely color blind will not be included. However, he did not say in which session of Parliament this proposal will be placed.

Actually, it happens now that people who suffer from it are not given a driving license. Even if it is given, they need a medical certificate for that. A motor licensing officer informed that if a person has very mild color blindness and brings a medical certificate, then the license is issued.

Color Blindness 1
Left to right: Normal eyes see colors like this. People with color blindness are seen in brown shades. (Photo- video screenshot)

Well, now we know the answers to all the questions related to color blindness.

What is color blindness?

The name itself suggests that it is a disease associated with colors. Actually, when your eyes cannot see red and green colors the way they actually are, then it is said that the person is color blind. It is also known as color deficiency.

The four most important parts of your eyes are the cornea, pupil, lens, and retina. In the order in which they are written, they are located in the eye. The retina is at the end of the eye. This is where the image of any object is created. There are many cells in this tissue, but there are two important cells that detect light. These are rods and cones. Rods recognize the level of light, ie whether the light is dark or bright, it identifies it. At the same time, the cones identify the colors.

Color Blindness 3
Structure of the eye. Photo- Video screenshot.

cones cells are responsible for color blindness. Dr. Naveen Sakuja, a doctor working as a surgeon at Moolchand Hospital, told

There are three types of cones. One is sensitive to red, one to green and one to blue. The brain identifies color through these three cones. If any of these three cones are deflective or does not work properly, then the condition of color blindness becomes. In most cases, only red and green cells are defective. Critical level color blindness occurs when all three cells are defective. Light color blindness occurs when one cell does not function properly. ‘

How do color blind people see color?

Doctor Naveen told that the color blind people see green and red color is a bit brownish. Those who have light color blindness, these two colors look fine in bright light, but in the light, they both see these colors brownish.

Whose color blindness levels are slightly higher than light, they look greenish and reddish brownish even in bright light.

Apart from this, the third is serious color blindness. This happens to a very few (non-existent) people, everything looks gray in it.

Color blindness normally affects both eyes and lasts a lifetime.

Color Blindness 4
Left to right: Normal eyes see colors like this. People with color blindness are seen in brown shades. (Photo- video screenshot)

Why does this happen?

Mostly it is genetic, that is, with birth. But many times it can also be caused by medicines taken for serious illness.

What is the treatment?

there is no cure. There is no medicine of any kind, which should be cured by taking it.

More in men or women?

The answer is in men. Most men are affected by it. But why does this happen? Doctor Naveen said that everything depends on chromosomes. Men have XY chromosomes inside women, XX.

Understand in easy language

Women get an X chromosome from the mother, a father. Men get an X chromosome from mother and Y from father. The cones cells responsible for color blindness are in the X chromosome. Now if a woman’s X cell chromosome has a const cell defective, then she also has another X chromosome. That is, she has options.

On the other hand, if we talk about men, then they have only one X chromosome. In such a situation, if the cones cells of that chromosome are defective, then it does not have another option.

Hence the number of color-blind men is more than that of women. According to the report of Color, one in every 12 men is color blind, while one in every 200 women is color blind.

Color Blindness
Color blindness is higher in men than in women. (Photo-Pixabay / Video Screenshot)

Dr. Naveen also told that someone has a color deficiency, it is not usually detected, but there are some jobs in which there is an eye checkup. When the checkup is done, it is understood whether the person is color blind or not. People do not get driving license color blind because they have difficulty in identifying the traffic signal. The lights of the indicator are also difficult to identify. In this case, the chances of accidents increase.


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