Those who widen their eyes on IPL money, know the world’s most expensive sports league

In the sports world, mainly three types of balls are used. The smallest balls from which games like table tennis and golf are played. Big balls from them which make games like tennis and cricket. Then comes the number of biggest balls, these are playing games like football, rugby, volleyball, basketball. Talking about statistics, games from big balls are the most preferred.

If you are not sure, do Google. Football is the most played and watched sport in the world. Basketball is the most expensive sport in many countries including America. Also the most viewed. In recent times, basketball has been very much discussed. The reason, the death of legendary basketball player Coby Bryant. Bryant, who lost his life in a helicopter crash, was one of basketball’s most successful and most talked about players globally.

# What is the NBA?

NBA is the biggest competition of this game, which is in the discussion between us on the pretext of Kobe. Its full name is National Basketball Association. It is one of the largest competitions in America. The world’s veteran players play in it. In this article, we will talk about this competition.

When we talk of America, it is two different continents – North and South America. Countries like Brazil and Argentina come to the south, where football dominates. In the United States, sports like basketball and baseball are the main ones. Baseball is very much like cricket. Talking about basketball, it is the same game, in which something happens, Rahul and Anjali play and Anjali wins every time. The biggest league in basketball is the NBA. This is the men’s professional basketball league.

A total of 30 teams play in this league. 29 from the US and one from Canada. These teams are divided into Eastern and Western Conference. Five teams play in three divisions on both sides. Started on 6 June 1946 in New York, this league was formerly known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Later on August 3, 1949, the league was renamed the National Basketball Association.

The regular season of this league runs from October to April. Each team plays 82 games in it. The play-off of this league runs till June. If you look at the annual average salary, the players who play in this league are the highest-earning athletes in the world. Talking about the price money of the league, in the 2018-19 season, teams were given prize money of more than one and a half billion rupees.

# Money is money

In the 2018-19 season, the NBA’s top-10 players received a salary of the US $ 330.2 million, 23 billion, 57 crores, 52 lakh, 89 thousand, 400 rupees. Its funny thing is that the amount received by the winning team in the finals is distributed equally among the players of the team.

Each season a player’s pool is formed in the league. This pool is divided into teams reaching the play-offs and finals. It is then decided with the National Basketball Players Association how it will be distributed.

Comparing it with IPL, the total prize money of IPL is around the US $ 7 million, i.e. around 50 crores in total.

# Fans all over the world

This league is an active member of USA basketball. USA Basketball is an institution affiliated to the International Basketball Federation. Who runs basketball in America. NBA is the league of America but its fans are all over the world. In many countries of Asia, people watch the matches of this league with great interest. NBA is also focusing on coming to India.

In the year 2019, an event named NBA India Games was also organized. Not only this, but some NBA matches were also played in India this year. These were pre-season matches.

Know that the NBA is one of the most famous and biggest sports competitions in the world. The ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian Super League (ISL) cricket and football competitions in India have started along the same lines.

# All Star

The NBA has one of the biggest matches every year for the last 69 years. Known as NBA All-Star, every year the best players of the league play in this match. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly recently announced that this time there will be an All-Star match in the IPL as well. Before the IPL All-Star match, we will tell you about NBA ALL Star. Stay connected to Lallantop.


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