Two big congress leaders were contesting elections from their families

Results of the Delhi election on the head. Aam Aadmi Party towards power. BJP’s condition in 2015 is slightly correct. At least touched the figure of ten. But the position of Congress is the same. Zero of zero. You all know this But two seats are like this, see their condition. Congress played the family card on these seats. Big leaders put forward their daughter and wife. And the result in the election is squat. And what about the family. Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi went to rally. To do public relations. Meet. To ask for votes The result is the same. Nix So which two people. Which two seats. Which two families

1. Shivani Chopra, Kalkaji Assembly

Shivani Chopra Inc Kalkaji
Shivani Chopra

Daughter of Delhi Congress President Subhash Chopra. Subhash himself has been an MLA thrice. After the death of Sheila Dixit, the battle of taking command of the Congress started. Subhash Chopra won It was said that Subhash was brought in to cover the Punjabi community. Subhash forwarded his daughter as soon as he arrived. A lawyer by profession, Shivani got a Congress ticket from Kalkaji. But the case is the same. Shivani Chopra is running at number three. Atishi Marlena of Aam Aadmi Party is leading in this seat. After that comes the number of Dharambir Singh. 110 votes are trailing. These days people are above 14 thousand. And then comes to the number, Shivani Chopra. So far, a total of 1396 votes have been received. And the vote totals 4.5 percent. That is the daughter of Delhi Pradesh Congress President on the verge of losing bail.

2. Poonam Jha Azad, Sangam Vihar

Poonam Azad Inc Sangam Vihar
Poonam Jha Azad

Just told that there was a rage about the post of Congress President. Another name was going on with the name of Subhash Chopra. Kirti Azad Cricketer. And Lok Sabha MP. Was in BJP for a long time. Recently came in Congress. This time the head of the campaign committee. Poonam Jha Azad had the same condition. Was in BJP She came to Congress in 2016. Aam Aadmi Party came and went for two months in between. Congress Party gave ticket from Sangam Vihar. On getting the ticket, it was said that Kirti Azad’s influence was used. So found. But the same situation in the election results. She is running at number three. Aam Aadmi Party’s Dinesh Mohaniya is leading by getting 32 thousand votes. Shiv Charan Lal Gupta of JDU on the second number. 16 thousand votes. And Poonam Jha Azad is running at number four after getting 1172 votes. The vote was about 2.22 percent. That is the case of losing bail.

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