UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak Speaks Out on Racial Discrimination

Since the death of black man George Floyd in police custody in the US, voices have been heard around the world on the issue of racial discrimination. Meanwhile, UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak revealed on Sunday that as a child he too faced racial discrimination. He said that it was worse when younger siblings used to behave like this. However, he also said that the country has progressed a lot now.

Many protests and violence against racial discrimination took place on Saturday in London. Sunak was commenting on these protests. During a conversation, he said that (racial discrimination) is something that is happening on its own. But it is very painful. In front of younger siblings, I felt very bad. I also wanted to save them from this.

In Boris Johnson’s government, Sunak is counted among the most capable ministers. On racial matters, he said, ‘They may just be words, but they sting in a way that other things don’t… There is something about that (racist abuse) that cuts to your core.’ Sunak said the violent protests that were witnessed in London on Saturday were shocking and disgusting. Legal action will be taken against those who are guilty for this.

rishi sunak
Image credit: BBC

In response to a question, Sunak said that Britain has always been an open, and tolerant country. What we saw on Saturday does not tell the reality. There is a minority group that always believes that they are being followed by racist attitudes. But I do not want to present such an image of our country.

The Finance Minister said that I think this country and society has progressed a lot since my grandfather came here. In Britain, non-essentials shops and markets are being opened with some conditions from Monday.

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