What did Manoj Tiwari say after the defeat on the matter of ‘keeping my tweet’?

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari. We were talking about the results of the Delhi Assembly elections. Someone asked about his ’48 seat lenge ‘(will bring 48 seats) tweet. On this, he told what to do with that tweet.

It is a matter of voting day of Delhi assembly elections. Exit poll came in the evening. The Kejriwal government again appeared in almost all the exit polls. Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari took to Twitter to express his views on this. Written Only BJP government will come. Challenging Manoj Tiwari wrote that people keep this tweet in their hands. His entire tweet was like this-

All these exit polls will fail. Keep this tweet of mine The BJP will form the government with 48 seats in Delhi. Please do not find an excuse to blame EVM right now.

What did Manoj Tiwari say on this tweet after the result?

When the results came out on February 11, the BJP left 28 seats from forming the government. Just managed to get eight seats. After the defeat, Manoj Tiwari came to answer the media’s questions. Here a journalist asked him a question on that tweet. Manoj’s answer was-

See, I am the president of the state. So we have our own survey. The state president should not say that we have already lost. (Laughs) No one will say that. And until the result is reached, the exit poll does not come, no one should even say so. The one who got four and a half percent should not even speak.

Regarding the election results, Manoj Tiwari further said,

The fight must be fought well. But yes, my guess proved to be wrong. There was a basis for thinking what I thought. Roads are in a bad state in about 48 assemblies. Water is a bad condition. There is no school arrangement. There is plenty of water (waterlogging). So on this basis, we had imagined that these people might be responsible to give responsibility to someone new after such troubles. So the tweet that I tweeted, you will keep it safe. (Laughs) Now keep it. Now I do (continue to laugh).

Manoj Tiwari laughed so much that his sentence was left incomplete. See this moment of Manoj Tiwari in this tweet of ANI.

The old philosophy is that winning and losing is part of life. It is there. But this answer to Manoj Tiwari is pure gold. Very sporty. The art of laughing at yourself is a grain of straw in a pile of straw. Very few have it.



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