What is in the pamphlet found from the laptop of Sharjeel Imam accused of Jamia violence?

Jamia Milia Islamia. The violence took place here on 15 December. Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet in this case. The name of Sharjil Imam is also in this charge sheet. He is accused of provoking people. The police filed the charge sheet on 13 February.

An accused of the violence of 15 December had given a statement that he was provoked by the Imam’s speech. After this statement, the police put the name of Sharjeel in the charge sheet. Sharjeel is under police arrest on charges of treason.

A few days ago India Today published a story. It was told that Sharjeel had distributed a pamphlet for the Protest against the CAA. The pamphlet was found by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police from a laptop kept in Sharjeel Imam’s flat. After this, the investigation into the role of Sharjeel in Jamia violence started. According to the police, it was printed on 14 December. And was divided into nearby mosques including Jamia. There was violence in Jamia on 15 December during protests against CAA.

What is in this pamphlet?

Reject Citizenship Amendment Act

Citizenship Amendment Bill passed this week. This law is unconstitutional. And to expel the Muslims. They have to be put in detention camps. It has already started in Assam. It will also be implemented in other states of the country. Muslims of the country should oppose NRC and CAB in one voice. Kashmir, Babri and now CAA. There are enough for protest. Assam is burning. People are being killed. The kind of role that our religious leaders and political leaders are playing is disappointing. Thousands of Muslim youth are ready to travel to Delhi, which can attract international media attention on our issues. The students of Jamia Millia Islamia have called the Protest March at 3 o’clock. From Jama Masjid. Muslim students of JNU request that they participate in large numbers in this protest. And prepare the flywheel jam.

Sharjeel imam
Pamphlet recovered from Sharjeel’s laptop. (Photo- India Today)

A case of treason has been filed against Sharijil Imam for making provocative speeches. On 17 February, Delhi Police arrested Sharjeel in the Jamia violence case. The Saket court has sent Sharjeel Imam to judicial custody for 14 days.

The statements of about a hundred people have been included in the charge sheet of Delhi Police. The police investigation has revealed that empty cartridges of 3.2 MM have been found from the violence area. To find out who is accused of violence, the Delhi Police has also shared identification and photographs. A total of 17 arrests have been made so far for this violence. Of these, nine have been from NFC and eight from Jamia area. No student is named in the charge sheet. According to the charge sheet, 95 people were injured in the violence on 15 December. There are 47 policemen among them. The miscreants damaged six buses, three private vehicles during the violence.

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