Where did the milk and lentils go quietly from your plate?

In India, pulses and milk are disappearing from the plate of people. The National Statistical Office (NSO) has presented a report on the domestic use of pulses and milk in the year 2017-18. There has been talked of a continuous decrease in the use of pulses and milk in this report.

# What’s the matter?

Global Pulses Conclave took place in Pune this month. World conference of lentils. People of the world had the same concern in it – why are we not eating enough pulses? The report presented here had the retail market and stock figures of gram, lentil, pigeon pea pulses. It has come out from all these figures that in India, pulses and milk are now used less by people.

Annual figures of the National Dairy Development Board are showing that the use of milk has not increased for the last several years, while it should have increased according to the population. There has been no difference between the use of milk in the year 2008 and the use of milk in the year 2019. If it is seen in proportion to the population, then there has been a decrease in usage.

One thing is the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). How much does it mean in the past several years? If we look at this accordingly, the use of milk has decreased by 3.8 percent in the last five years.

Between 2008 and 2014, the price of the full cream milk section increased significantly. The price has increased to Rs 46 from Rs 24 per liter. But in the last five years, this price has not increased as fast. Till March 2019, the price had increased to Rs 52 only. This also means that if there was a huge surge in demand, then the price would have increased accordingly. but that did not happen. This shows that the demand for milk has also decreased.

# Recession also responsible?

Experts are telling that the continuous decrease of pulses and milk from the Indian plate is also due to inflation. In the Indian market, the price of pulses has increased continuously and the per capita income has also not increased.


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